Jeudi, juin 10, 2010

Gold Almighty, the man must be music incarnate!

I implore any one of you who scrolls by this video to make it occasion for a brief pit stop.

If you do in indeed stop to enjoy the video (it’s only about two minutes long), your intellectual and aural faculties won’t be able to help but surrender themselves to a privileged meeting with the euphonious sonorities issuing from the voice box of the always redoubtable Bobby McFerrin—that unfathomably musical human, who hums and whistles, and gloriously demonstrates for us how the legendary and ineffable quality— which many folks often refer to rather drably as “swing”—might, in fact, be more easily understood as a type of essential or vital force that has effectively launched the wonderful music from around our globe upward on what feels like a path of infinite ascension—the peak of which we’ll never reach, the peak’s existence really being a matter of no importance; but our climbing will be continue, and, as no peoples in the past had ever proved successful, neither shall any among their present ranks succeed in thwarting those who wish to partake in this wondrous and amaranthine musical ascension!


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